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Hot Shoe Trends for the Coming Season

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Some Shoes Styles do not change in any season, Make your pick!

Wearing a pair of dress shoes is not only just style statement; it is imperative to match it with your attire. Even sneaker and hoodie guys will occasionally need to suit-up, and opportunity favors the prepared.

Before we get down to refinement in style, you should first understand the components that make up a dress shoe.

Like with clothes, Shoes has fitting standards that it needs to stick on to. However, just as clothing sizes are merely a guideline- A standard that is most certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to perfect fit. Our first piece of advice when discussing any issue around comfort and shoes is to have your feet measured. Feet change; with age, illness, lifestyle changes etc. Having your feet measured at least once every six months is a good idea to keep on top of any changes your feet are going through.

A dress shoe consists of four parts: toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. It’s the position and structure of these four pieces that determine the individuality of a dress shoe


Perfect for pairing with a suit, Oxfords are a consistent pick for every formal occasion. The Oxfords is a classic men’s dress shoe that belongs in every gent’s closet. It can be acknowledged by its closed lacing system, which features stitching across the bottom. Oxfords also tend to feature a low heel and short back, creating a neat and refined look. While black, elegant styles matches the highest of dress codes, other styles of Oxfords can suit any occasion. A corporate wear shoes for those who wants to stay distinctive.


The key distinction between Derbys and Oxfords is that the Derby shoe has its facing attached on top of the vamp. This is called “open lacing” and allows for a wider fit.

These are a little more magnanimous in terms of fit because the ‘quarters’ are sewn on top of the whole shoe and can open all the way to expand somewhat and give you a little more space over the arch when tied loosely.

Derbys are characteristically more informal, so you wouldn’t want to wear them with a formal suit. Chinos and rolled jeans, however, would go pair with these shoes.

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