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Mark Fly Tan Party Loafer

Mark Fly Tan Party Loafer

SKU: DH181

Mrk Fly is designer loafer made of the finest leather which makes it stand out from the crowd. A charming hand finish refines this popular slip-on shoe and guarantees enthralling shades black, as well as superb shine.. Whether it is a tie event, an award ceremony, for office wear or weekend rooftop scenes, this slip-on style offers exceptional comfort, ease of fit and elegance  Features Hand made stitched detail, stacked heel 


  • Imported Premium leather from Turkey
  • Calfskin breathable DD Lining 
  • Articulated mixed leather/rubber sole
  • Extra Rich Shoe Finish


Style Tip :

Pair with smart trousers, Blue/Navy Pants.Denims 

Color: Tan